Commercial/ Retail

“But will it sell tires?” the old TV commercial used to ask. We approach a commercial/retail project with that point of reference. This facility’s primary purpose is to help you sell goods and services to the general public. Our job is to understand your product and service lines, and how you market, merchandise and sell them. Then create a facility that tells your story, directs customer behavior and helps make the sale.


Successful commercial facilities Connolly Architects have completed include auto dealerships, food markets, shopping centers, retail spaces, restaurants, and banks.


The primary purpose of a corporate facility is to improve productivity. This occurs with an increased knowledge of the organization, better tools and technologies, and clearly defined cultural values. The architecture of the facility can help you achieve these business objectives. Spatial arrangements, aesthetics, material qualities, acoustics, lighting, data and mechanical systems, and more all become part of your overall business strategy.


Successful corporate facilities Connolly Architects have completed include office buildings-both speculative and user specific, light industrial, breweries and office planning.

Ambulatory Healthcare

“…first, do no harm” Familiar words to the healthcare profession and the purpose behind all great healthcare design. Your facility must create an environment of care that positively influences patient outcomes and satisfaction. However increasing need for services, rising costs, and stiff competition for not only patients but physicians and staff as well demands that your facility be efficiently planned and attractively designed with relentless attention to budget and schedule.


Connolly Architects have designed clinics, medical office buildings, imaging centers, surgery centers, dental, heart specialists, Lasik surgery suites, and many other specialty practices.