Capital Facility Industry Information-Works Capital Facility Industry Information-Works


Capital Facility Industry Information-Works, supports facility owners with strategic and tactical building information technology planning and execution to increase team productivities across the entire facility lifecycle:

  • Improve Project Planning,
  • Optimize Design decisions,
  • Lower Procurement costs,
  • Raise Construction value,
  • Maximize Commissioning,
  • Increase Facility Management Effectiveness,
  • Streamline Disposal processes.



Facility Lifecycle BIM is the intentional creation and use of a digital facility database to provide you and your customers a greater certainty of outcomes.  A building's performance, cost, functionality, schedule, construction and more can be virtually modeled, tested and communicated before moving forward into the real world.  What's more, the information that is created by upstream team members can be repurposed and built upon in the long term for effective maintenance, space and asset management, real estate and leasing, energy monitoring and much more.


Your architects, engineers and contractors may already be adopting this technology, but may not understand how to convey its value to you.  Until the disparate team members, their workflows and their technologies are in collaborative lockstep with your mission and goals much of this value, and other potential opportunities, are lost.


It takes thoughtful planning to properly develop this facility database. The database, its creation process, and its uses must align not only with your business needs. Furthermore, because the development of the database occurs across the facility lifecycle, your workflows, technology, information standards, and even procurement systems must be integrated among all team members. 



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As first steps towards integrating BIM data into facility management functions, the State of Wisconsin commissioned Capital Facility Industry Information-Works to research the state of the industry and make specific recommendations within the state's goals, capabilities and constraints:

Digital Facility
Management Information Handover:

Current DSF Practices,
Industry-wide Movement,
Future Directions



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